It is possible to upload VMU saved data. The following form performs such an upload. However, so that this doesn't turn into a site distributing unwanted material, the upload directory is not linked to from here. See Contacting TOOGAM if you would like to retrieve data submitted with this form that is designed to allow uploading of data from a VMU.

VMU Data: Save as: .VMS
*.VMI aids DC Browsers. *.VMS is game's data. Browser links use VMI files which point to VMS files. Have both.

vmugames/soulcalibur_game_download.jhtml /vault/vmu/vmufilecenter_dl.html This was a 404 on a PC

Welcome to a web page made for visiting with a web browser on a Sega Dreamcast. All of these URLs go to this page:
(Slashes ("/"'s) at ends of the above addresses are optional.) points users to the basic browsers page: TV-based web browsers may someday link here.

Links which are Temporarily Here:

JavaScript testing (local to this site, unfinished)
Sonic MIDI (should use Sonic)
Int Acc
2g home

Keys for Planetweb's browser: L scrolls down, B brings up favorites, Start brings up options, clicking the Title/URL lets you go to a new site. Y magnifies. The Dreamcast's L button scrolls down in Planetweb.

The following bookmarks came pre-installed with the Sega Dreamcast Browser 2.6 (labeled: planetweb 2.606 JS SSL VoIP US)

Home Page
Address Book Entries

(Note: The Home Page redirects the user to index.jhtml which is so apparently dcreg is in the root directory of and it isn't or anything similar like that.)


Group named Video Game Systems Online

A List of Games with DreamKey and How to enable more keys (hold A and press Start 10 times).

DreamPassport information including controller rumble support.

VMU Saves. To download a save file in PlanetWeb's browser, the browser needs to be directed to downloading a *.VMI file. This isn't the actual save file, but rather, the VMI files point to *.VMS files which contain the save data.

Here are some more useful locations:

VMU Files:

Web Browser Information:

lynx -useragent="Mozilla/3.0 (Planetweb/2.606; Dreamcast US)"

  • DreamPassport (and DreamKey) controls
  • 2.6 can't remember TONE, not PULSE
  • Planetweb 2.6 has support for Dreamcall. Clicking on the icon by the connect/disconnect icon in the title bar loads Sega's Dreamcall Page (which works with that icon, but not when this link is clicked). That page redirects a file on the PlanetWeb 2.6 CD.
  • (Soul Calibur browser) Dreampassport for PC:;action=display;num=1043821878 VMU Uploader script not available:;action=display;num=1043900476 Shenmue can no longer connect: No the passport disc won't connect because AM2 took the servers down on April 1st, 2002 and thats why it can't connect.;action=display;num=1042296339 CDX update 162 games: Sites to check out on a PC: