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If you would like to have these links in a frame, click here.  Please be aware that due to spacial concerns, I link straight to the pages that I visit most (since, after all, I use it as a matter of convenience to save me time) and I do not have links to all the main pages of each site.  Many sites prefer you visit their intro pages, so if you're not a regular to any of the sites, please start off by following links on this page to each site's main introductory title page.

The frames version has a rather unused feature of being resizable to the user.  (Most webmasters for some reason use the NORESIZE option making users of low-resolution systems unable to view all of the frame or to shrink it if need be).

These are sites I check frequently, or pages for products that I check every once in a while to make sure I've got the latest versions of everything.  This page is organized in order that I review the sites, which means sites on the top may be the most updated sites, and not the ones I personally like the absolute best.

There may be newer entries at the bottom where I am still exploring the site.

[Pic:Spinning Globe]Emu News Service[Pic: Spinning Globe]

has frames, but you can visit the main page directly.  This is a site that covers news about emulation.

Daves Video Game Classics is another emulation news site but is limited to games.  It is the first major site to have any of the latest information about MAME and MESS.

Zophar's Message DomainZophar's Message Domain is a message board on a web site where many users can post, so you may read about stuff there even earlier than the other web sites, or find out about less scrupulous things like the Japanese StatellaView Zelda game which the U.S. never saw which got released for emulators, and other stuff.

The Zelda Headquarters is the web site to go to about the Zelda series of games.  It has a frameless main page which is what I usually go straight to.

Info-Zip is a freeware Zipper/UnZipper with source code.  It looks like they may shortly move to www.infozip.com.

Kahn lets you play games over the internet.  It hasn't been updated in quite some time.

SJGPlay for DOS is an excellent CD-Audio player.

's Upgrade page reports the latest versions of it's products.


reports the latest progress of the DOS port of the Linux source code for DOOM released by id Software.

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Whatcom Transit Authority Online

lists the routes of WTA's public bus routes.  Actually, I don't check this link, but I include it here so I can quickly find it if I need it so I can catch that bus!  :)

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