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The Many Moods of PacMan
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Miscellaneous Notes

I've made a few updates to this page, but nothing very substantial.  When searching the 'net to see if I could find a background MIDI for this page, I found that Marshall Stowe's PacMan Page appears to be defunct.  Being that it was hosted at a university site, that doesn't overly surprise me.  So, I'm now noting that if you follow any links to his site, you'll likely not go through.  I'll leave the bad links up as a reference, though, in case it goes up or someone recognizes the URL and knows of a new location for the site.  If you do know of a new URL for Marshall's site, let me know and I'll actually update this page. 

Added PacOrgan.Wav as a background music, which I got from a web site called First Church Of Pac-Man, which credits the WAV to -=ShoEboX=-.

Here are some answers (even if the questions have never been asked) relating to PacMan2:The New Adventures (from here on known simply as "PacMan2"). Note that this is not a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions [and their answers]), but rather just a bunch of answers. I'm not sure how many of these questions are really frequently asked...
This document covers PacMan2 for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. The game was also released for the Sega Genesis. I do own a Sega Genesis Nomad (a portable gaming system from Sega which plays most Sega Genesis games), but being that I don't own the game in the Genesis format I can't cover any Genesis specific details here. However, I would expect that this document should prove satisfactorily useful for the Genesis version. All references are for the Super NES version, except where otherwise noted.
The document gives several mentions to Marshall Stowe's Pac-Man 2 Walkthrough. This document does cover some detail that walkthough doesn't, though. That's all I found in a very limited search for PacMan2 pages on the web. Whenever this page "steals" information from that page, credit is given. More detail later... somewhere....
First off, what is it? Actually, first I'll say what it isn't. I once played an arcade game called PacLand. PacLand featured a spherical hero with arms and legs sticking out of the head which had a face on it. PacLand was sort of a Super Mario Bros. type of game, released in 1984. (The Legend Of Zelda was released 1985, so I'm assuming that Super Mario Bros. was released around that same time.) From the screen shots, one may think (I did) that PacMan2 is like that. Well, it ain't.
PacMan 2 consists of two different game modes, in addition to the earlier games.


In the "CGI" (Character Guidance Interface) mode, PacMan walks left and right on the screen. The player has the ability to tell PacMan to look in any of the four standard directions (and looking backwards will turn him the other direction). The player is also armed with a sling shot, and is expected to hit things with a rocks. Hitting something with a rock will often call PacMan's attention to whatever was hit, and hitting things with rock's also makes things "act" somehow. For example, hitting a flowerpot on a windowsill will knock it to the ground. The sling shot may also sling out a power (Err, unfinished sentence? Missing the word pellet?)

The Automatic Side Scrollers

There are a couple of hang-gliding stages, where PacMan rides on a hang-glider. By hitting PacMan or the hang-glider with the sling-shot, PacMan will fall down a bit. One must (in order to pass the level) also tell PacMan to go "Higher... Higher".
There are also a couple of mine-cart stages, where PacMan rides a mine cart. If one sling shots Pac-Man, he will jump up in pain. In the underground passage that the mine cart is going through, there are ledges at just the right height so that the mine cart will go under the ledges, but Pac-Man will not. Hence, PacMan must leap the ledges. PacMan can also speed up the mine cart by pumping the pump fast, and will do so if ordered to.

The Rest

Inside the Pac-Arcade, PacMan can walk up to some early PacMan games, at which time the player gets to play the games. On the Super NES version of PacMan 2, you can play Pac-Man or Ms. PacMan. I read on a Pac-Man page on the internet that the Sega Genesis version of PacMan2 and PAC-Jr. According to the screen shots on that page, PAC-Jr. is just like the Ms. PacMan in the Super NES version, except that the main character looks different. Be aware that Ms. PacMan and PAC-Jr. included in the different versions of PacMan2 are not identicle to Ms. PacMan for the arcade or Jr. Pacman on the arcade. If for no other reason, the levels are different. (Of course there's the other differences, like I'm sure the graphics are likely different to some extent on the different systems, and there aren't different speed or difficulty options as there are for owners of the original arcade games (by modifying "jumper" switches on the arcade board), etc. etc.) The movement of the Ms. PacMan character you can play is also less than fully speedy.  Also, there's a "Time Trial Mode" where the mine cart and hang-gliding stages can be instantly accessed, with some slight enhancements (for one, there are coins in the course to try to pick up).
There are passwords to the classic games, and to the Time Trial Modes.

At the end of this page are some passwords. Between here and the end is a walkthrough for the game. (There will be a warning before the first stage is given away.) Being that this was not written by where there is a Super Nintendo nearby, I am only going to give some general advice on where to find things (which should be specific enough for you to figure the rest out). Hence, this document is not going to have exact button pushes on when to go higher or lower on the hang-gliding section.

The Many Moods of PacMan

PacMan has many different "moods". Some parts of the game may happen differently depending on his mood. In general, it is good to have a happy PacMan. Here are some of the moods that I can remember, which may be referred to throughout this document:

Super PacMan:

Super PacMan flies through the air, eating any ghost he sees. This is usually a temporary state. (The only exception is at the end of the game, if the game is beat.) After a brief time, Super PacMan will transform into Happy PacMan (below).

Smiling PacMan

PacMan sure is happy here. I'm not sure if this is the happiest he can get, or if whisting is happier. I'm betting this is the happiest of PacMan's moods. A smile that big, well, just can't be beat...

Whistling PacMan

PacMan walks along, whistling. He doesn't worry about a thing, and his eyes are closed as he walks along.

Happy PacMan

PacMan has a small smile on his face.

Sad PacMan

PacMan is sad. He walks slowly, head drooped.

Stomping Mad PacMan

PacMan is stomping mad. Not only does his feet hit the pavement hard, but he waves his hands (in the form of clenched fists) through the air.

Exploding PacMan

PacMan looks much like the Stomping Mad Pacman except that he is gnashing his teeth. Sometimes there is a small explosion above his head as he vents his anger. WACKY:
Wacky PacMan:

Wacky PacMan is... well, wacky. Drunk-like. His toungue is just hanging out and he walks forward at rather high speed with his eyes closed.

Looney PacMan:

Like a character from the cartoons, PacMan has gone looney. One hand grabs his toungue and yanks on it. The other hand has a small hammer and hits the hero on the top of the head. Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!

There are other moods PacMan is in at times. For example, there are times when he will be worried. However, he will change from these moods on his own.
PacMan can change moods rather quickly. When PacMan eats something such as a hotdog or an apple, he tends to become happier. When PacMan eats a wild berry he can get Wacky. Pelting him with stones when he's wacky will return him to the lowest of happy states. Pelting him in any other mood will make him quite angry, unless he's sad (in which case nothing happens). PacMan can get sad if a hotdog is stolen from him or if something falls on his head. Turning PacMan to Happy PacMan is as easy as feeding him a Power Pellet and waiting a little bit. PacMan's mood can also be altered by having him play an arcade game. Whether he is happy or sad depends on how well "he" played the arcade game.

The SubScreen:
By pushing the START button (on the Super NES pad... I don't know about the Genesis version) as PacMan wanders up and down the city, a sub-screen will come up showing what items the player does and does not have, as well as a password. The SELECT button will show a map (nothin' useful... just tells you what of four sections the player is in).
These are the items found on the "sub-screen":

Power Pellets

The Power Pellets turn PacMan into Super PacMan. You can carry a maximum number of 3 Power Pellets.


PacMan needs a pass to get on the Ropeway carts or on a train, which prove to be the only way to get to the Mountain or the urban city. Ms. PacMan will provide these passes as they become required.

The Cartridge

PacMan can wander into the arcade and play a copy of the first PacMan arcade game. If he tries to play the other arcade game, he won't be able to play unless he first finds all three parts of the cartridge. These cartridge pieces are not available until the last stage of the game: Look for anything different from the first run-through. More exact locations are below in the document.

ID Cards

These cards are required to beat the last stage. They are not available until the last stage.

The Item On the subscreen, there may be an item on the far right. If there is, that is the item which PacMan needs to get. If there's not, PacMan is on the last stage.
Only read that which you actually want help with (that you don't want to struggle to figure out yourself). I figured everything in this document out on my own. Although I don't recommend reading ahead, reading behind may reveal a few tips (meaning that if you are reading this document to figure out how to pass the third objective, you may learn a thing or two by reading the first two objectives. They're all short). It is assumed that the player knows how to do everything needed to defeat the first objective by the time the second objective is covered, and so repeating that area again will be thought of as unnecessary. I did use another walk-through on the internet as a guide (to help me remember some things), although it didn't cover everything this document does.

Introductory Objective
I don't remember this, really. All I remember is that the whole scene takes place in the play area with PacMan's house. Hitting the start button will skip this. That's why I don't remember it :)

Objective 1 (Hunt and Gather)
Rural City (I forgot the name) contains PacMan's home. From Area 1, PacMan can take the Ropeway to the mountain, or go to the Urban City. This can't be done at first, though.
The objective is to get a bottle of milk home so that Baby-Pac (did I get that name right?) can be fed. To do this, start by having PacMan walk right from his house. Use the sling shot to hit the haystack above the farmer on the play area just to the right of PacMan's house. Have PacMan continue right until he sees a crow fly to a wire. Have PacMan stall (by having him look up, or having him look backwards) just to the left of the bottle on the post and slingshot the crow. ( Marshall Stowe's walkthrough says that PacMan can be just under the bottle, reaching for the bottle when the crow is slingshotted and the trick will also work. PacMan should try to reach for the bottle if the bottle is pelted with a slung-shot rock.) The crow will fly down and scare PacMan. If all went well, the crow will have knocked down the bottle down from the post. After the crow leaves PacMan alone, PacMan will see the bottle (or walk away from the bottle, in which case he should be directed to look behind him).
The rest can be figured out relatively easily. Once PacMan has a bottle filled with milk, return him to his house. Pelt the door to his house in order to get him to enter the door (and complete the stage).

Objective 2 (Birthday Surprise)
From his house, have PacMan walk right. Shortly past the bottle is a sign for the Ropeway station. Pelt that sign with a slung-shot rock. PacMan may look like he changed his mood as he acknowledges that he intends to go under the sign, but his mood, actually, is not changed.
When getting to the mountain, PacMan cannot walk too far left (because it's a dead end) or too far right (because of a trap). Though at one time I couldn't find a way around the "DANGER" sign without the use of a power pellot, I since then found the solution on On Marshall Stowe's walk-through.
Pelt the sign with the sling shot. In my experience, this will cause the sign to flip, and then PacMan will not walk away, afraid, from the sign. Then a boulder will fall down the mountain. According to Marshall Stowe's yet). It says to walkthrough, pelting PacMan as the stone is falling with get him to leap out of the way before he gets flattened. Also, while giving credit to Marshall Stowe, the walk-through indicates that the mine cart ride is not required at this point in the game. I guess he's right. Instead, climb the rope on the same screen as the "DANGER" sign (after pelting it so that it falls down, so that PacMan can reach it).
You can then get him to climb the rope and complete the hang glider stage, or you could complete the mine cart stage (and then complete the hang gliding stage later). If you complete the mine cart stage, you'll need to cross some small wooden platforms which PacMan must use to cross a pit. To get PacMan accross pelt him with rocks at the right time to cause him to jump from platform to platform. There are two platforms in the "middle". Have PacMan leap onto the higher platform, and then pelt the platform so that PacMan falls to the lower platform. Then have PacMan jump from the lower platform.
Rocks in the path may need to be hit with rocks from the sling shot. There are some logs which PacMan will inevitably want to sit on, and he will become stunned from that. Pelting PacMan after he sits down on the logs but before the logs crumble will cause him to get up.
After you are done using the mine cart, you will walk past another, upside down cart. Pelt it, I believe for a power pellet. Also pelt the crates you find for a cartridge piece. Be sure to eat all the ghosts to get an ID card. When you get to the machine, get Pac Man to become stomping mad (easily done if you let him keep walking right). In my latest experience (as of this writing), Pac Man kicked the machine twice and then punched it the third time he walked by. Third time was the charm.

After the hang-gliding section, Pacman will find a flower patch just before a cliff, and he should find the Mountain Flower relatively easily. From this point there's three different ways, as I recall, for him to get home. One is for him to catch a baloon, and then he'll fall next to the clock (which is on the same play area as a skateboard). I think I did this, but I don't remember for sure, and I sure don't remember how. The second way is for him to pull on the far right vine (which must be pelted), and a hole in the ground will appear under him. This hole will lead right next to the Ropeway entrance. The third way is for him to pull down the far right vine and the hole appears next to him. In this case, a bunny rabbit will hop near him and scare PacMan. PacMan will jump away from the rabbit and fall down the hole. I have had a problem situation where PacMan is too sad to want to bother pulling on a vine. I guess finding balloons is supposed to help that, but then again PacMan can become sad by not getting the balloon. There's always a cheap option: Reset. Once the mountain flower is obtained, get the password. The password will remember what screen PacMan is on, but when the game is restored PacMan will be in a somewhat happy state.
The rest should be able to be figured out without too much hassle.

Objective 3 (Rock 'n Roll)
There's not a whole lot that needs to be said about this objective.
First, the location of the guitar. Go to the Metropolis and find a Cola machine. (If PacMan screams at it, prepare to pelt it and to tell him to turn around.) To the right of a the Cola machine is a blue fence which is sometimes guarded by someone with blue-skinned individual. If he's not there, I don't know exactly what to suggest.
If you're out of power pellots, go left a screen and hit the bushery which hangs over the cement wall in the background.
I believe the proper procedure for dealing with the blue guy is to pelt the fence behind him, and then when Pacman is picked up, pelt the blue guy in the face. Be sure to have a power pellet when you do. If that doesn't work then, well, keep trying different things such as pelting the guard, pelting Pac-Man when the guard is picking him up, pelting Pac-Man at other times,, letting the guard throw you, pelting the fence, watching, pelting, and lots of other things.
When the big blue guard turns into three ghosts, one of them will have the guitar behind him.
There's a number of things which can be done on this stage. I once had PacMan dive into the fountain. I don't know what caused him to do this, but PacMan doesn't know how to swim. I think he was wacky at the time. Idiot...
There's a couple of things which will make the balloon man inflate PacMan, causing PacMan to go ontop of a building. The only thing PacMan can do to get back down to earth "safely" is to stand on a beam which will fall. PacMan will test the beam to see if its sturdy, and then walk on it, at which point it becomes obvious that his test didn't help much.
I once got Super PacMan to fly past the beam which'll fall, and to face right when he transforms back into regular PacMan. PacMan just turned around. (There's no point to that section except as a way to escape the area after riding the lift up and getting one of the ID cards.)
The more graceful technique is to have PacMan use the pully. Pelt the pulley and PacMan will (if he's not doing anything else but walking) try to hop up on the pulley. PacMan will need to be pelted as he is jumping in order to reach the pulley. The pulley goes from the first building to the third building. Pelt PacMan as PacMan slides over the far right jump-platform and he'll fall onto the third building. Nice. Once he is pelted, PacMan will eventually stand on the falling beam if left to himself, because if PacMan gets pelted off of the pulley and lands successfully on the second or third building, he will be able to hop from one building to the next. The other option is to let PacMan do an assisted running jump. When PacMan walks to the edge of a building, he will turn around, pause, and eventually run right back up to the edge. If PacMan is pelted at the right time he will leap off of the building and onto the next. If PacMan is not pelted at the right time he will abort his running jump. The right time is when PacMan begins to skid to a stop (as if he didn't get pelted at all).
Once PacMan falls from the falling beam, he will get stunned. PacMan must then be pelted. To the left is a Cola machine, which may infuriate PacMan or make him happy, depending on if he gets something to drink or not. If PacMan gets ripped off (or worse yet, gets hit on the head by a soda can) try to get him to attempt once again to buy a drink. If PacMan screams at the machine and walks away and the machine starts to rattle, pelt the machine. On the play area to the left of the machine is a large bush with a Power Pellet in it. Pelt the bush to get the Pellet, and then leave the play area so that the Pellet returns.
Objective 4 (Defeating the Ghost Witch)
First, PacMan needs to get the three I.D. cards. There's one in the Rural City, one in the Urban City, and one in the mountains. They all involve finding a bunch of ghosts and eating the ghost which has the I.D. card. The one on the mountain requires getting through the go-cart maze.
Optionally, PacMan should get the cartridges to Ms. PacMan (or, for the Sega Genesis version of PacMan2: PAC-Jr.). One cartridge piece is found in a garbage can in the area with the pulley. (Detailed instructions on how to get past this point can be found under the help for Objective 3.) Another cartridge is found in a crate in the same play area as the ghosts just past the mine cart track in the Mountain. (Also, there is an upside down crate there. If PacMan pushes it (I think you just pelt it) a Power Pellet will be found. Finally, there is a cartridge in the house of PacMan's neighbor in the play area just left of the play area with PacMan's house. Pelt the door to the house and PacMan will enter. PacMan has to be in the right mood (Smiling PacMan should do it) or else he won't push the couch to find the cartridge underneath.
PacMan must go through the Ghost Factory to complete his quest. In order to do this, PacMan must get mad. A Stomping Mad PacMan will do the trick. To get PacMan mad, go to the Department store and hit the carousel doors. Inside the department store, PacMan can play music and get happy. (Pelting the cashier will get PacMan to talk to the Cashier, who will have a different reaction if the instraments are left alone than if some of the instraments in the room are pelted.) Pelting the door to the department store while PacMan is trying to go through the door will result in a Wacky PacMan or a Looney PacMan. Anyways, once PacMan is happy or Wacky, he can be pelted into anger. Once PacMan is angry, have him move right so that PacMan kicks the grocery cart. After he eats the hot dog, pelt him some more so that PacMan is Stomping Mad or Explosive. In this state, have PacMan see the broken fire hydrant. (In any other state, if PacMan sees the fire hydrant he will try to fix the fire hydrant properly, only to the hydrant break seconds after PacMan is done with it.)
Once the sewer entrance is opened by having an angry PacMan deal with the fire hydrant, PacMan can enter the sewer entrance only if he's in a right mood. Stomping Mad is perfect, as PacMan will see the sewer access and climb down the hole. In other moods he may refuse to go down the hole, or he may fall down the hole (and be stunned on the other side).
In the sewer access, there is a good sized hole in the wall. Pelt the hole so that the noise of the rock in the hole makes an echoed sound, causing PacMan to become curious and investigate. Usually I've had PacMan attack a bad guy that shows up (and a Power Pellet gets dropped), though once this didn't happen for me. I'm not sure why. Once PacMan is done with his investigation, there is a "secret" door which is available by pelting just to the left of the left ladder. That door leads to the second mine cart track, which leads back to PacMan's house.
Continuing down the sewer access, a pop can will try to hit PacMan on the head if it doesn't get pelted in time. Also, there is a pop can on the floor which PacMan will not see (and will trip over) if it's not pelted in time.
Inside the ghost factory is a ghost eating machine. Nearby that machine is a rope which should be pelted when Pacman is looking up the rope. PacMan will then swing on this rope over the machine. If he doesn't, he'll get turned into a ghost. Later in the stage is a sensor sweep, which can be easily pelted. If Pac Man is a ghost, pelt him back into shape after he's off the lconveyer belt. (This won't work if the sensor sweep found him.)
When PacMan gets to the laboratory, there is a glass jar which holds a Power Pellet if pelted to the point of breakage. If all the glass jars are pelted, PacMan will decide to get fatally mechievious. There is a sensor beam which should be left over (or else ghosts will come). PacMan will do one of two approaches to this. Either PacMan will turn around to get a running start, or he'll try to crawl under the beam. If he tries to do a running jump over the beam, he'll be safe. If he tries to crawl under the beam, he'll trip the beam unless pelted at the right time. Pelting him will cause him to jump, and he may jump over the beam.
In the room with the ID cards, PacMan will ask what cards to use. If the wrong doors are selected, PacMan will be scared by a few ghosts. Marshall Stowe's walkthrough says that the doors need to be shot in the order seen on the wall behind the frying pans. I haven't tested this theory yet: I couldn't find the order and so began to try them all in order until they worked. In any case, even if the writing is on the wall, that's probably too early in the stage that the whole stage would need to be repeated (and couldn't just be walked back to), so I'll give you the order right here: 1, 4, 5. That's the door on the left, and the two doors on the right.
When fighing the Gum Monster, a Power Pellet is required to be used. If no Power Pellets are in stock, then the stock will be refilled. PacMan will die in the room unless transformed into Super PacMan. For the game to be won, the Gum Monster must be pelted in the head like crazy while Super PacMan manages to not be grabbed by the Gum Monster. This is accomplished by having Super PacMan look behind him whenever Super PacMan wants to fly to the center of the screen. On the Super NES version, the background wall below the glass is broken into as many as four horizontal sections. As I recall, the Gum Monster needs to be pelted until it shrinks below the top of the third section before the game is beaten.

Miscellaneous Notes There is a second hang gliding stage. It's in the same play area as the "DANGER" sign. Have PacMan look up as he walks by an arrow pointing behind a mountain.

According to Marshall Stowe's walkthrough, the passwords for the Super NES and the Genesis versions are different. Here's what I've found in the Super NES version worth mentioning:
to play the original PaCMaN Directly, the PassWord is PCMNDPW.
to play the original MSPaCMaN Directly, the password is MSPCMND. (That's PCMNDPW with a MS before it, and the last two letters dropped.)
to play the "timed TRiaL MoDe", the PassWord is TRLMDPW.
Note that there are no vowels available to use in the passwords. Hence, it may be easier to remember the words than the abbriviations.

Marshall Stowe's walkthrough says that TRLMDPW is for the Timed Trail Mode. Well, that's not right. That's the password for the Time Trial Mode. In other news, the walkthrough has the following passwords:
to play your favorite music, the BackGround Music ReQueST password is BGMRQST.
To see all of PacMan's sprites the game uses, the Pattern Test is: PCNNPTT (PaC N. N. PaTtern Test?)
"To see how much of the game you have completed, go to the item screen; press and hold Select and X. Unfortunately.... when you turn the machine off your percentage is lost--the password does not keep track of this." --Marshall Stowe's PacMan2 Walkthrough. Is this why I haven't ever been able to get 100% when I beat the game, is because I never accessed the whole world in one play sitting?
For the Genesis users:
to play the PaCMaN ("Original" Mode) the password is PCMN0RG (with a Zero).
to play the PaC-JR Directly, the PassWord is PCJRDPW.
the SOuND Test Password is: SOuNDTP (with the PacMan symbol instead of a 'u').
to see the PaTTeRNs used in the game, the password is PaTTeRN (with the PacMan symbol instead of the lowercase 'a' and 'e').
the time TRiaL Mode's Password is TRiaLMP (with the PacMan symbol instead of the lowercase 'i' and 'a').
From the item screen, pressing and holding A and C should show how much of the game has been completed.

I thank Marshall Stowe for his PacMan page which included a general walk-through for PacMan2. I didn't remember the names of the stages when first creating this page, and I copied them from his page.
That's about it. PacMan2 wasn't a bad game, but it wasn't what I was expecting. Namco says on the back of the PacMan2 box (this is not necessarily an exact quote, as I'm doing it from my head) "Play the original PacMan and Ms. PacMan games in their entirety" which is false. The copies of the original games not only have a different setup (on the screen the score, extra lives, etc. in Ms. PacMan are on the right side of the screen instead of the top and bottom, which I don't really care about) but the levels are different. Hence, the games are not the originals. That really was a major factor in my decision to buy the game, and when eventually I did play the Ms. PacMan mode and found out that the game was not identicle to the originals, I was sorely disappointed. So I will not thank them for creating the game, because I did not appreciate the job they did (bad marketing if nothing else). I would like to thank Williams Entertainment for, years after the Genesis version was released, porting their enhanced Ms. PacMan (with two player simotaneous capabilities and three different selections of levels to choose from in addition to the original set of "classic" levels) to the Super NES system. Of course, that doesn't really have anything to do with this game.

Comparison between this document and Marshall Stowe's Pac-Man 2 Walkthrough:
Mine has information his doesn't. His, I think, might have something mine doesn't. Not sure what. I don't think his has any important information mine doesn't, because if it did, I copied the information here (and gave credit). Therefore, if you just want one document, use this one. His, I know, has some screen shots, which mine does not. (Hey, I didn't want to rip everything off!) It's a decent alternative to mine. However, it does not say where the cartridge pieces are...
I tried to make mine more comprehensive. The main reason I don't have graphics is because I don't have any way of getting the graphics onto the computer. I don't have the game on my computer to use with an emulator. Maybe screen shots will come in a future version, although a future version is unlikely... I'm in no hurry to update this page.

This document isn't meant to exalt the game, but rather to give someone all the information they need in case they want to beat it. When I bought the game, I was disappointed that I needed to play the regular PacMan 2 game and get suffiently far in order to play the Ms. PacMan mode, which was perhaps the biggest reason why I bought the game. (Other reasons were curiousity about the next in the PacMan series, and wanting to play a game similar to Pac-Land). Hopefully someone else who buys this game will be saved anguish by finding my document.