[Picture showing it IS possible to get the first 1-UP and make it into the first coin roomNote: I don't claim to have invented Super Mario Bros.  Nintendo did that.  They also drew the copyrighted graphics shown in the pictures on this page.  However, I have created some NsM files: Recorded input used with NESticle.

[Picture: Entry into world -1]These NsM files demonstrate two very interesting bugs in Super Mario Bros.  The first shown is how to get Mario to walk through the underground pipe in world 1-2, and then through the wall to the right.  By going through the wall it is possible to enter the pipes without scrolling the screen to the far right.  When this is done, the places that the pipes take Mario are different than when the screen is scrolled far right.
[Picture: Mario in Reverse Mode]The last trick shown in my first Super Mario Bros. NsM release is how to enter what I call "Reverse Mode".  In Reverse Mode, it is possible to become Super Mario and small at the same time.  Then Super Mario, in a small form, can grab a fire flower and be Fiery Mario, while still being small.

Download 2GSMBNsM.Zip here.  
Other required files are found elsewhere on the internet.