Bin2Char is my version of a program called CHex by David E. Manifold.  It converts binary data into a C-type character array.

If you don't know how to program in C, this program is probably rather useless to you.

Having the data stored as a C-type character array allows for easy creation of files.  Just write the character array to a file.  This method is kind of questionable.  The bad part of this program is that the files being outputted are stored in RAM, and this isn't very efficient use of memory.  The advantage to this program is it allows for a very simple way of including files in your program.  The code to dump the output into a file isn't hard to make, and the data gets compiled right into your program so you don't need to manually concatinate files or anything else of that sort.

This program is being distributed in two ways:

MS-DOS Executable

12,059 bytes
ANSI C Source Code
Bin2Char.C--Required File
Bin2Char.H--Recommended version of required file.  (You can use a dummy file and don't need to download this.)
8,024 bytes
28,594 bytes

Note: If you're downloading the MS-DOS Executable, you don't need to download the ANSI C Source Code.  This program is capable of generating it's own source code, so you can just run the MS-DOS executable to create the source.