The TWAD's are my name for DOOM IWad's converted into PWad's.  Named after myself (TOOGAM), since I made these.

These TWAD's are useful because:

  1. You can have all DOOM products (Ultimate DOOM, DOOM2, and Final DOOM) in one directory and select which one you want to play by using the -file parameter.
  2. The TWAD's are smaller than their IWAD counterparts, since graphics, sound effects, and so forth are not duplicated.  This results in smaller disk space usage.
  3. You can use DOOM 1 PWad's (external levels) in your DOOM2 directory.

The DOOM IWad's that the TWAD's are made from are, to the last of my knowledge, copyrighted by id Software.  Therefore, I cannot distribute them.

However, what I can distribute is the converter I created.

Old Version 408,605 bytes
Version 2 423,655 bytes

This was made by myself before I learned C, so the file above is a Zip file containing a batch file and some DOOM utilities.  The batch file may require 4DOS.  Actually, I think it does.

This can be a bugger to use to actually get the TWAD's successfully created, but to me it's worth doing.