The Zelda MIDI pack I have released contains music which is Copyrighted by Nintendo, and contains all the music from Zelda 1 and Zelda 2 in three different speeds (slow, normal, and fast).  (For further legal information, read the included documentation.)  While I don't have each MIDI available for download seperately for you to just click and here, if you cruise around The Land Of Hyrule, the section of my web site dedicated to the first two Zelda games, some of these MIDI's play as background music over there.

These files were a nightmare to create.  I decided I'd record the background music from the Zelda games into .SND files, and convert those .SND files into MIDI files.  Furthermore, I decided that when editing the music files (to chop excess notes recorded before and after the loop when the music repeats) and to allow for easy modification on how many times the MIDI musics loop (without using the MIDI repeat command, which isn't supported in many MIDI players and which I'd have no idea how to successfully impliment), I'd edit the .SND files and not the already-converted MIDI files.

Along the way I had to create my own program to read the format of the .SND files, and then to chop the notes from the music files.  As a new programmer who in my personal life has very little exposure to music (by self-choice), I had a difficult couple of weeks creating that program and testing it on the files I was working with.

Well, I'll stop rambling here about the creation so as not to waste too much of your time.  For more information, check out my SNDUtil page about the program I wrote, or the documentation that comes with the zips available for download.

This release of mine is available in two different downloads:
2GZSnds1.Exe 220,594 bytes The .SND's used to create the MIDI music files, a file editor/converter, and one batch file you can run to create the MIDI's.
2GZMIDI1.Exe 405,948 bytes All of what you find in 2GZSnds1.Exe, plus a bunch of MIDI's.