Looking at things again...

The WinIP-06046 was a dissatisfying purchase. The company no longer has the page for the board on their site. In addition to what I mentioned earlier (on almost boards), which is that the ISA didn't seem very compatible with the GUS I bought it for, and that memory seemed to run at a less-than-expected rate, and not getting a motherboard face plate, and not getting a drivers CD, there were two other issues. The AC97 didn't seem to be very usable (likely because I didn't get the drivers CD... and AC97 is not a standard that allows any other random AC97 drivers to work with), and furthermore my fast new nVidia AGP card didn't work well in my system. (I could get it to work with some basic VESA drivers without accelleration in Win98SE, or using the nVidia drivers in WinXP but full screen Media Player or WoW resulted in crashes. I think the Dawn demo did too.) My friend was able to play World of WarCraft on his machine. I suspect that this might be something that could work better if I had some sort of better motherboard and/or chipset drivers installed. Again, a lack of a CD hurts greatly.

I also found I used at most 2 ISA slots on any regular basis, so perhaps my need for ISA wasn't as great as anticipated earlier. Maybe it is because I tend to use home networking and Internet access more than modem access. Maybe it had to do with me not using the SB Awe-64 as much, since it had some pins on the card in the corner near where the card screws in, and this actually did not work well with my screwless case. (Neither did my fast video card which took two slots, one just for the cooling unit, and which had a post in that same location.)

Therefore, it may make sense to get some hardware that is better (faster) in some other respects. With this newer, more open viewpoint, I began to just check some things out some more.

A forum thread seemed to suggest three manufacturers: iBase, Soyo, and SuperMicro. I also found what appears to be another manufacturer: itox.


The Win IP-06046 that had so many minor problems that were impactful was labelled as an MB700. Perhaps if another company cared more, a better experience could be obtained. AW seems to have a flash upgrade, and basically better support for their MB700. (But how to order?)

Considering faster CPU support, and PCI Express instead of AGP, perhaps at cost of less ISA slots. iBase products lists products such as mb865 with 2GB max, 2 ISA, 8x AGP, LGA 775. MB880 has 2 ISA, PCI Express, LGA775. mb820 looks to have more RAM, perhaps AGP, 4GB. MB886 has 1 ISA. Another mobo may be even newer and support dual core but have 1 ISA 7quot;slave": (MB930. (Perhaps there are more?)
P4SCA (and similar? or not?)
Backwards PC site referred to seeing some usenet posts about poor ISA support from Soyo. (So perhaps avoid the Soyo SY-P4I 845PE ISA based on that vaguely-given observation?) (but, http://www.motherboardpoint.com/t34934-p-how-many-years.html has a fan of Soyo it seems: "They made excellent motherboards." ISA search yields SY-P4I845GV ISA. 2GB RAM max.
I found this... an itox product: G7S620-N-G. 2 ISA slots. Note: AGP 8x is supported, but 3.3v AGP card is not supported. (Hmm, what else do they have? Ah, mobo list. Some newer products need PDF support to view. Seems the board just linked is the best ISA-compatible card of the bunch, and none of their products are supporting more than 2 ISA cards.
http://www.option-computers.com/products/industrialPCs.asp looked good. But only sold in system? How much?
overview ( SYS-8W6608-2S02 or at here from here) looks possibly perfect: LGA 775 w/ 3 ISA. (But is there any AGP/PCIExpress?) How to get? Only in a system? How much? perhaps similar system $995.
More boards
almomobo.htm has some older notes.
direct-io recommended by Backwards PC site. http://www.cyberresearch.com/store/industrial-computers-rugged-pcs/industrial-computer-accessories-pc-peripherals/bus-adapters-expansion-chassis/ Pro 700 doesn't support DMA.