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I'm not so sure that I'm happy with IP-06046, in fact I'd say it seems I'm not. Reasons: RAM support not as expected (runs at DDR 266 max, and BIOS options for speed are either that or Auto), no face plate delivered with motherboard (and not having this issue addressed twice when I mentioned it to them, even though I didn't get response to other less important topics in E-mail), ISA may not be so compatible (neither GUS nor Awe64 working as expected), no CD came bundled with motherboard (even though the page does mention Windows 95, 98, and NT in the "Software Drivers" section of "Additional Support" section of their IP-06046 page. See mb700.htm for an alternative I found. I should put GUS in 486 system to verify the card works. It seems a few more companies may have joined the bandwagon: Phoenix AT looks good and Technoland had some close options, which I didn't notice before. Good: http://www.americanpredator.com/products/industrial_controllers/phoenix_at.html http://resource.intel.com/programs/searchresults.asp?pageid=searchbycat&cacode=12&subcacode=45 However, from the picture, I don't think I see all the ports I would expect: KB/USB/Ethernet/COM ports/etc. Sheet seems to suggest it's okay. Problems: Price? And one PCI slot looks shared, so it will have 2, not 3 PCI slots if all ISA used, which is less than IP-06046. Called Phoenix AT, they also have Phoenix ATX-? (?=G/E/P). So is this AT not ATX sized? http://www.bwi.com/scripts/site/site_product.php3/id/12588/ indicates it is $1420.00, "Baby AT (8.6x13.0") and it has some incorrect stats (4 ISA slots, 4 PCI slots) The Phoenix AT design was based on the Intel 875P ("was"??? Meaning it was designed, or the mobo is a "was" discontinued?) Some close: http://www.technoland.com/mb.htm 8000/8200 http://www.technoland.com/tl_mb8200.htm

Name Manufacturer CPU# of ISA SlotsMaximum amount of RAMAGP Slot present?# of PCI slotsEthernet (req'd for Gigabit to not saturate PCI bus)?Onboard VGA?# of IDE devicesUSBWireless (Optical)?Misc URLsPriceNeat Motherboard picture?
WINIP-06046 win enterprises Pentium 4 Controller with Intel 865PE Chipset3 4gb 8X 3 1 Gigabit and 1 100Mbps (2 Serial ATA's listed. Is this same as IDE?) 2 IDE ports. 6 IrDA Tx/Rx News, PRWeb Someone happy Datasheet as PDF "The WINIP-06046 is priced at $310." www.win-ent.com. . "$210 (evaluation price until 01/05); $250 (typical)" Large pic
Medium pic w/ parts labelled
MXIF CEL-2000 (Package with 2.0 GhZ CPU, also CEL-2400 and CEL-3200 Socket 4782 4gb yes 4 Gigabit 2MB video RAM 6 ? $795 w/ CPU (unknown how to get otherwise. Is this an MB820F motherboard?)
MB820F (or MB-820 w/ Gigabit)i-BaseSocket 47824GB8x4yesSMI SM712, 2MB VGA for CRT display 46IrDA$474
MB800FH (MB-800 Hyperthreading, Gigabit) I-Base Socket 4783 2gb 4x 3 Gigabit (optional secondary), and 10/100 (primary) Intel® 845G chipset integrated, Optionally supports LVDS, CRT & TV-out interface 4 4 yes
PRO+2000SB (-R or –B)* or PRO+2000SB-P Pentium 43 (more of all slots with add-on board?) 4gb 8x 3 (+ 1 which is shared with ISA) Integrated Fast Ethernet, 10 BaseT / 100 BaseTX (possibly a card?) unknown how to get
SY-P4I 845PE ISA Soyo Socket 478 (Hyperthreading)3 2GB (or maybe 3GB of unbufferred DDR SDRAM?) 2x/4x 4 None 4 picture and link to specifications PDF
BackwardsPC site said there are problems with this, so he bought I-Base MB-820 instead.
2 COM ports, compared to I-Base MB's 4. Baber says FSB 533/400, $225 Slower RAM? (DDR 333/266)... or maybe 3GB w/ 184-pin PC2700/PC2100 non-ECC, unbuffered DDR SDRAM memory?
P4 845G with 3 ISA slots (a similar board has been found) Avantek.co.uk? Socket 4783 2GB 1 AGP slot 3, also 1 MicroPCI " ICH4 10/100 Mbps Ethernet (optional Gigabit Ethernet solution)" VGA Chipset Intel 845G/GL integrated VGA Share Memory up to 64MB CRT (optional LVDS, TV-out & TMDS) 4 IrDA
4U Platform, RS-400-SF only links to RS-400-SF-B PDF file Japanese site (Pentium 4)4 3GB 4X slot 2, and 1CNR dual 100Base-TX space for 3 drives Only links to RS-400-SF-B (described elsewhere). I couldn't get a lot of specs on this. Un-obtainable?
RS-400-SF-B 4U Rackmount System with Intel® Pentium® 4 PDF file Advantech Pentium 43 4GB none 4 Gigabit ports space for 3 drives Cannot buy motherboard only? (Unknown price no matter how to obtain)
P4SCA Supermicro Pentium 4 (hyperthreading), Celeron3 4GB None 3 (plus 1 shared with ISA) 1 Gigabit ATI RageXL 8MB PCI Graphic Controller 4? USB 2.0 $200ish
Socket 478