xboxdifs.htm for some more information, like DVD drive differences. (In the official Microsoft dashboard go to Settings, System Info, and wait for the information to scroll by. Below the Copyright Warning the Xbox may display the Kernel and Dashboard versions in a format like 1.00.4920.01. The third sequence of numbers, that four digit number, is what the Xbox hacking scene typically refers to as the Dashboard version. If a dashboard does not show this information, it means this is using Dashboard ? and Kernel 3944.)

Versions. There may be more versions of stuff than just those listed here.

What is a good Kernel Version?
Early Kernels (best for hackers)
3944, 4034, 4627, 4817, 5101, 5530, 5713, 5838
Retail kernels with BFM support removed (so the good thing PBL doesn't work)
5530 and later
Kernels that prevent execution of known-to-be-old dashboards
5713 and newer
  • 5713
  • 5838

This spot right here lists all the kernel versions I know of up to version 5838, and I am believing that none are missing: That these are actually all the kernel versions up to 5838.

What is a good Dashboard Version?