Current Status

Versions of this page:

The act of placing these pages on TOOGAM.Com has not been quick. I have a desire to have a permanent archive of all files to ever grace TOOGAM.Com, and some way to retrieve/generate old versions of the files, so that a person can view what TOOGAM.Com looked like at any point of time. Another project I wish to do, which will likely come first, is for me to run my own web server, from my own house. Actually, by the time of this writing I've done that on a very preliminary basis, testing if it worked and it has. Now I'm testing the compatbility of my data storage, to make sure that the hard drive, much newer technology than the computer system it was placed in, can be properly accessed in the older computer system when using software that I think can work around the limitations of the old hardware. After that I will probably start placing files on a hard drive that will store my website, very possibly creating a rather new website file structure from scratch. There are some web sites/pages that I want to create very soon, so that the information can be documented before I forget it or lose access to the documentation found elsewhere on the Internet. After this gets done, then I plan to procede with being able to pull up any old version of the site desired. In some theory this could be done in a week, but according to the efforts and successes needed for that to happen in that time, it would require a timetable as ambitious as suggesting that I could have set up a website from my home in a week or two at most. In reality, it's taken at least seventeen months (since January 7, 2005), and a computer game that currently has my attention will probably slow down the progress I would otherwise make.

I do intend for this to happen, but I know it's taken a while, and it is worth taking a while for this to be done right.

In the meantime, there have been new files added to http://TOOGAM.Bespin.Org/, often under some temporary directory. They are generally not meant for public viewing, simply because the standards I wish to have for stuff I place up for public viewing are superior to the low standards I have to the stuff occasionally getting placed on this website. An example of what I'm talking about is log of a hunt of buying a new computer. The notes there have been meant primarily for myself, for my own use, and I put them on the web just for my own convenience. If someone finds use in them, great, but I'm not really trying to showcase and publicize such work, or to suggest that such work should be linked to or permanently archived. I include it here only as an example of what I place on this website from time to time, and again, not to suggest it is worthy of attention.

Status as of January 7, 2004

These pages are expected to have a new home soon under http://TOOGAM.Com which, as of today, January 7, 2004, I am now considering to be my primary home on the web. See that site for the latest information on the status of this page. In an effort to prevent link rot, the old addresses will still work even when the useful information on this site is under the TOOGAM.Com site.

Below is my article written earlier. The file was last dated January 13, 2003, but the main page pointing to this file has been dated June 2, 2001, so I think that's when the rest of this file was really written, and the last update was probably a minor change like adding the background music.

Old Status

These pages have not been regularily updated for a long time, and I don't see them becoming regularily updated in the near future.

When I first learned about making web pages, I thought it was pretty neat. I still do, actually. The WWW lets people without any real experience or expensive equipment to become a publisher at virtually no expense (such as printing or mailing would need to do). I had plans on making many web pages, and though I didn't make all that I dreamed of (and I knew at the time that I might very well not), I did in fact make a number of web pages.

It would be nice to have, on my web site, information about many various things that I'm interested in. It would be nice to create an online autobiography. However, lots of things in life would be nice...

Of all the web pages I've made, some of the ones I created were (and perhaps even still are) the best, or nearly the best resources on the 'net. I remember searching the web and finding nothing better than my web pages about Gauntlet Legends (the arcade game), PacMan 2: The New Adventures, and Fire 'N' Ice.

Those best-out-there pages suffered, though, from one thing or another. The Gauntlet Legends pages weren't updated when a sequel to the original Gauntlet Legends arcade game came out, and other web pages on the subject were created (thus making mine less spectacular in comparison to the growing competition). I don't think PacMan 2 or Fire 'N' Ice got many visitors and I think that was from a general lack of interest in the topic those pages were about.

When I started working on ZHQ, I began to gain my first successful webmastering experience. I learned quite a bit, and I'm applying that knowledge towards my new Zelda site, HYLIA.Com. I've also learned Dynamic HTML.

At the time of this writing, HYLIA.Com is taking up all of the time that I am interested in spending webmastering. If that changes, whether by having the time I spend on HYLIA.Com decrease or by me having more time available, I have some ideas on what other web site(s) I might create and these web pages are not at the top of that list.

There are many things I could write about, and many other good things I can do with my life. Between all of my desires/interests/dreams/what-have-you, not to mention some responsibilities, I don't have time to accomplish every good thing I wish I could. I don't expect that fact to change as long as I keep my current not-very-meager amount of things I wish to be doing with my life. If I'm going to labor on web pages, it would be nice to have an audience who can benefit from the fruits of my labor.

Since these pages aren't completely useless, I'm in no hurry to take them down. However, I do realize they are very out of date. The background still says, which is very old. Someday I may have plans to be keeping them up to date again, and if that day comes, the pages will likely be of higher quality than they are now. This is not that day, though.

This article was written so that anyone who might come accross these pages will hopefully realize that the pages are out of date, that I know they are out of date, and that I am fully acknowledging that the lack of noticable updates to this site may continue for some time. Don't get your hopes up about sections of this site being updated anytime soon.

If anything in these sites is of interest to you, try contacting me. E-Mailing to should reach me. Chances are I may be pleased to discuss topics on this page, but I'm just not very interested in spending time writing about them on web pages if spending such time is not benefitting anybody.

I may actually update one or more of these pages sometime, and it's also quite likely that I may put something on this site under some hidden directory, such as homework for a college class, files that someone (myself perhaps) want to download, and more. This is not saying that no part of the site will update, but what I'm saying is that any one particular part of the site is rather unlikely to update, and the main page might prove to be no exception.

All this said, the old index page is still available if you're still interested.

--Scott Conrad VanderWoude