Welcome to my web pages.  These web pages are not necessarily meant for public admiration. Someday they may act as a distribution center for information which I deem worthwhile to be on these pages. Chances are these pages won't be getting updated much anytime soon. If you're actually curious about the status of these pages, see my article on why.

Yeah, some of the color schemes may be a bit irritating.  Someday I may work on fixing that, if I have time to kill on doing that.  In the meantime, fire up Lynx and check out my pages in a text-only mode.

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Frequently Checked Links Framed Version

*****Please do NOT visit this page until you've read about it on the Non-Framed version.***** Thank you.

Frequently Checked Links

This is a list of links that I frequently check.  It's basically my list of bookmarks, accessable from any web browser on any internet computer I sit at.  I find this method better than storing this list on each browser I happen to sit at.  This list is not necessarily meant to for public use: It reflects my own interests.

The Land Of Hyrule

This is my web site dedicated to an old video game called The Legend Of Zelda

Second Millennium Software

Software I created myself.

The Downloads Section

Lots of links to some of the best legally free and useful software available for public downloading

Pacman 2:The New Adventures guide

I bought this game and didn't like it.  If you were unfortunate enough so spend money on this game, I have here a guide to help you get through the game quickly and access all parts of the game.

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