Second Millennium Software
-Programming since the second millennium-

This page refers to some public software that was released during the 20th century. The target platform was mostly the DOS operating system, with code being made in ANSI C so that it could readily be used on other platforms. Newer software releases are likely to appear on other sites, leaving this page in a state like the rest of (which is not being updated much, if at all). This site is not likely to be updated much, if at all, in the future.

Group Information


Second Millennium Software was considered to be in existence since August 1998 when TOOGAM released, available for download, new software pieces and new versions of software pieces that he had made.

Current Situatia

Second Millennium Software isn't much to look at quite yet.  So far I've released some very amateur things, as I continue to learn more about programming serious programs.  I plan on programming in my own language extentions, which I am currently involved in developing.


In the future I plan for Second Millennium Software to be a serious force to be reckoned with in the computer software industry.  For the time being, I'll just leave it at that.

Second Millennium Software Products

If something in this list doesn't interest you, just ignore it.  Most of this software was not originally created for public use, but I (obviously) don't object to the public having it.


Convert DOOM's IWad's into PWAD's.  This version uses a batch file to accomplish the trick.


Convert binary data into a character array in the C programming language. The basis for self-extracting source for all below programs. (A new method of self-source extracting will be coming soon.)

TableTAB 0.4

Make HTML tables more compatible with Lynx, the text mode browser

.SND Util 1.0

A utility for editing iNES-created .SND files

Scott Conrad VanderWoude's NsM Playback time calculator Version 1.1

Make HTML tables more compatible with Lynx, the text mode browser

Frame Examples

Making HTML with a standard text editor and trying to make frames?

Zelda MIDI Pack (1.0)

MIDI music from the first two legend of Zelda games, converted to MIDI and packaged by myself

TOOGAM's Super Mario Bros. NsM's

Entry to world -1 and Reverse Mode (Little w/ fireballs) demonstrated

Fire 'N Ice Bug Report

Examples of things not working as they should in this NES puzzle game, including a level created by Second Millennium Software which shows the bugs.